Fab five cruise 2011

 getting ready to board the plane... we love traveling together... I was a little nervous to cruise without my mom. But i did it!!
                                  so cute and excited to cruise with all his buds and "the daddy's"
                                                                    boys will be boys
 This is a fun picture because Braxton is shorter then the boys so they lifted him up to make him their hight...
                             It was so unbelieveably bight outside i could barely open my eyes
                                                    grrrrrrrrrrr... good thing i teeth whiten
 we love taking cheesey cruise pictures... i am so grateful to have all these girls as my bestfriends
                 swimming in the ocean where i broke my finger playing frisbee with the boys.
                                                             girls are so pretty hahahha
                                         Kinzie (my bestfriend) and I just had to have this picture
                                eating real mexican in Cobo while watching a push up contest

                                                     the best friends i could ask for

                                                 Merry Chirstmas to us!!! Happy new year
Jon and I were very lucky and excited to be able to go on a cruise this some of our close friends.  We booked the cruise in April and had to wait until December to go.  The anticipation was exciting and the cruise was worth the wait.  Luckily we didn't gain more than 5 pounds even when we worked out on the cruise. Hopefully we can have more trips with friends in the future.


First day of school!!!

Jonny's first day of school... everyone is posting about their kids first day of school so I am posting about my husband. I was so excited to have a husband go to school. Bought him a new shirt, pens, pencils, notebooks. Jon is going to get into the pre-med program at Weber. He is so excited to do this. He has been working so hard. He leaves to school at like 7 a.m. and doesn't get home til after 9p.m. He studies so hard and has made some good friends. He is going to be a great doctor one day, I am so proud of his work. We are nervous and very excited about this step in our life... NEXT STEP??? baby maybe??


1 year married

It is so weird and amazing that Jon and I have been married for a year now.... It has flown by, but it feels like we have been married forever. I am so grateful to him and all he does for me in my life. I love the family that I am married into...
Heidi and Steve--- These two always know how to have fun. Steve makes me laugh so hard and it's fun because we grew up in the same ward. Heidi is so cute, she is a major running lady but she still loves me in all my chubbiness
Lori and Todd--- Todd, at first I thought I am never going to get along with that "Todd Guy" But he is really awesome and so smart. He loves to tease me, really they both do, Lori is just more of a quiet tease. Lori is seriously one of the smartest girls I know. She runs while she is prego which is amazing, I am not prego and I don't run.
Natalie--- OH MY GOSH!!! Natalie is so awesome. The first time I met here we just watch Elen and it pretty much was love at first site (well for me). We have become very good friends I am grateful to her for that.:) BFFAWAEAO!!!! she has become one of my greatest friends. We fight like sisters, and I tell her when she is being a brat and she tells me when I am being annoying. Match made in heaven
Mike and Chloe--- Mike has been my friend from day one. He is always looking out for me. Jon and I got to go to Vegas with Mike for the BYU bowl game once and it was so much fun. He would stick up for me anytime anyone would talk bad. Chloe and I have known each other from high school and it's so fun how far we have come in our friend. She really loves Mike and I think it is so cute to watch them together.
Greg and Lorraine--- I couldn't have hand pick better in-laws if I tired. Greg opened up to me right away and once Jon and I got married (before Mike and Chloe) He used to always say "You are my favorite daughter-in-law. He always give me big hugs and tells me how much he loves me. Lorraine, susan homemaker right here. she makes the most yummy dinners. For Christmas for Jon before we were married I was like I want her to really like me so I made a blanket for Jon. I think it worked haha. But I will never forget one thing she said to me at my grandma funeral. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said "Emilee, I loved you before but seeing what an amazing family you come from makes me love you even more."
I love this Family so much and In the few years I have known them they have become mine.

Jon--- I just can't even talk about him without getting emotional. I never thought I would find someone so amazing. He works so hard everyday to make me happy. Once Jon bought me this shirt for Christmas it was XXL and I looked at him and said "extra extra large?" He goes well you were looking extra large that day. I just sit here and laugh because he is so sweet he didn't want to upset me but he knew I would love the big shirt. We hide and scare eachother all the time, or put fake spiders in places. We laugh, we love to laugh with each other. Jon goes to bed way before me because of school and I always try to keep him awake but he wont. In the mornings he always tries to wake me up but I wont. We really are in love and I am grateful to that.
 amazing waterfalls

 12 o'clock on August 5th the time we had a first kiss as husband and wife.... One year later

 Hot spring pools

amazing views



Ok so we had a very old very blue bathroom. the floor is blue, the walls were blue, the sinks are blue... So I knew I couldn't live like that. I am so mad at myself that I didn't take before and afters:( just afters i hope you enjoy it as much as we do.  no floor rugs yet... I need the pefect cheap ones. hahah Idea??

My new obsession:) I love this owl, i got it for my birthday from my most fav. store Z-gallarie at the gateway.

I had lots of towels left over from my state board hair test so I used them in this cute way. Why not use things you already have


Emilee's First Cake

I am so excited!!! I am a cake maker now.... wow my A.D.D really kicks in on the days I am not doing work!!! I love finding new fun things to keep me happy and excited.. I pretty much love this new hobby!!!

Crazy week...

 This week I was doing a hair cut and sliced my finger... I didn't get stiches because it was to wide. It is healing good but it's nasty and hurts a bunch...
We were driving and saw this way nice car and Jon says "oh daddy's rich boy" hahah we look over and it's Ronnie Price from the Jazz. It was sunday and he pulled into a gas station so we being creepy followed him. We totally acted like we were getting gas and just waiting for him to come out. Jon was like I am way to nervous to say anything so I did.. Best part is Jon is wearing a Blake Griffin shirt from the clippers hahaha... It made Jon's day


Feeling Grateful

We are so grateful for the wonderful people we have in our lives. Our family, Our great friends and Our rudy bunny. Lately I have been grateful for the great work that missionaries do. Emilee is in a golf league every year, but this year she has to go do it alone. Bethany, gave up her life in utah to go out and serve the lord and I am proud of her. I am going to miss her this golf season but I know she is going what she was ment to do. So here is my our shoot out to all the missionaries...

I am so glad that we were able to go to Jon's parents for Easter, I love when we all get together. I am grateful for Jon's parents and all they do for us. They are proof that if you put the lord first in your life and have love always in your home you can get through anything. We talked about losing loved ones and why we are thankful for the gospel. I am very grateful for what the church has done for me and Jon. Everyone goes through hard things in their lives, some harder then others. If I look to the people I love in my life, my parents and Jon's, who have had their share of hard times. I just feel peace and comfort knowing no matter what they are my family forever! I love that thought, Families are forever. I wouldn't want it any other way

Happy Easter!

So come to find out Rudy is pretty much a girl!! Oh how we still love her, well Jon was kinda upset when i came home with all this girl stuff... hhahah:) Anyway, Happy Easter to everyone, from the real life easter bunny!!!



Jon and I got our first pet together and Jon's frist pet period! We love him so much already, he is so cute and fluffy. His name is Rudy, and for his first day we went and met uncle Gile and aunt Kinzie. We even had a sleep over he loves them both very much. (not so sure they love his mess). Then he met all my family except Ben.Then after that we went to meet grandpa and grandma dahl. They thought he was so cute and so fun, they were a little suprised but then again not really. WE LOVE RUDY, WELCOME TO THE FAMILY

He is a lion bunny. so cute and so so so soft. This is the Easter bunny and just the best bunny around


Jon's Basketball

Jon played in a basketball league with all his buddies... They were so good they only lost two games!! Us wives loved going to watch them play, well really just to talk but we wont tell them that. They were the champs of the league. We loved going to get food after the games with our friends... Thanks to those boys who played and made Jon so happy doing what he loves.

 "I'm cool picture"